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Updated: Feb 1

Once we finalized all the demo and reno work on the farm house, we were able to move our belongings out of storage, into our home Labor Day weekend 2020. It was a long weekend of packing cars and trailers, from the storage unit to the house but we got it all done!

The new school year started, during the Covid Pandemic, our middle was a junior in High School with the our youngest in 8th grade. I would drive the youngest to school everyday, where our middle stayed with my father in law during the week for school, so the drive wasn't as far. November 2020, our middle was quarantined from school, he loved life for two weeks. Had the days to himself to get school work completed and once 2:30 hit, he could roam the farm. Sometimes he even had dinner going when we arrived home from work but that wasn't often.

The nights were starting to get cooler. The house had an old wood burning furnace we decided to give the ole girl a try. Weekends of chopping and splitting wood were always eventful. Hard Labor never hurt anyone we told the boys! Although we had all new HVAC, we liked to burn the wood for extra warmth. Nights were additionally warmed by the stone fireplace while days sat quiet for Riley (the dog) as we all went to work and school.

That winter (2020) we had spoken to the local farmers that farm the neighboring farm to see if our place would be feasible to plant crop. Being it was an old cattle farm, the ground was not in the best shape to start corn, beans, or even wheat.

SO began the GOOGLING. Who doesn't like a good rabbit hole to lead down? There had to be something we could do on the farm to make it more functional. What if we grew Lavender?

Now I will be the first to admit, I was not for the idea because I knew it would be more work than we expected... on me. But we tossed the idea around, made some reach outs to the University of MO - Columbia extension, learned what needed to be completed and began planning. Spring eventually came and everything started to bloom. THe farm was BEAUTIFUL!!!!

Still Covid Era, I was able to work from home every other week, lunches were spent roaming the original farmstead, all the outbuildings and the grounds. Riley and I would spend a good hour just being outside enjoying what was now ours. Life was the most enjoyable. Happy Farmsteaders were were!

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